New Girl | Promotional Photos | 3.22 “Dance”

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+ this looks so much fun!  + I honestly can not wait!   

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New Girl, Best of Jess: 3x21 ‘Big News’

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"I want to go home, Peeta," I say plaintively, like a small child. "You will. I promise," he says, and bends over to give me a kiss. “I want to go home now," I say. "Tell you what. You go back to sleep and dream of home. And you’ll be there for real before you know it," he says. 

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+ the hunger games  + catching fire   

Nick And Jess Have Been Made For Each Other Since The '30s

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+ its quite interesting  + and not just about them   

The next episode looks so much FUN!

  • Badass Cece is back-the one who takes no bullshit from the ones who screws her bff over. That means:
  • Cece and Jess’s friendship!
  • The guys getting crazy together like the old times
  • The whole gang helping Jess and just having fun

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inspired by this

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So how long does it take to become a police officer? I mean after they’ve passed the exam and are in the academy. Because i’m curious about how they’re going to handle Winston’s time at the academy. The show already gets a lot of flack for not enough Winston, so how are they going to do this?

According to it’s a 6-month training program. And it’s not live-in, he shouldn’t be moving away or anything. Which means someone’s gotta go (Nick, Jess) or two of the guys are going to be rooming together next season. Hmmm.

When the show returns, it will have been four months, so he’ll most likely only have two months left of his training. But him having to move away to be closer might be an apt solution for Jess to move into a room

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remember when you used to be a rascal?
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